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Our History

Mark Pi, Sr.

“I came to America because my cousin said there were opportunities unlike any known in Taiwan or Korea. My dream was to own a restaurant, but after I came to Chicago and saw (chains) with thousands of restaurants under the same name, I believed there were possibilities to make Chinese dining available on a big scale."

- Mark Pi, Founder of Asian Concepts, Inc. and

  Mark Pi's Restaurants

Our Locations

Mark Pis Lima Location

Mark Pi's Family of Restaurants can be found across Ohio and Indiana as Mark Pi's Express and Mark Pi's China Gate.

You'll find the same dedication to providing qualty, authentic Asian cuisine provided with friendly service at each of our locations. We encourage you to sample our menu favorites and special offerings at each location!

Our Menu

Mark Pis Menu

From a tradition started through the culinary talents of Mark Pi himself, the menu items featured at our restaurants reflect authentic, made-to-order Asian dishes. Our chefs cook consistent meals in small batches with the freshest ingredients possible – to provide the best quality and taste for our customers. In addition, we constantly work to create new dishes and tastes to expand our menu with unique, delicious fare.

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Trade Publication Article, "Brand Expansion" 

“The Mark Pi's enterprise began in the 1970's.

Mark Pi, Sr., born in Korea to Chinese parents, came to the United States at age 26 to work in a Chinese restaurant in Chicago."

A Family of Authentic Quality

Asian Concepts Logo (Parent Company)
Mark Pis Logo
Mark Pis Express Restaurant Logo

Asian Concepts, Inc.

Asian Concepts, Inc. has been an innovator of Asian foods and dining experience since 1984. We are the parent company of the Mark Pi brands, which include Mark Pi's China Gate, Mark Pi's Shanghai Grill, Mark Pi's Wok & Grill, Feast of the Dragon Casual Chinese Dining and Buffet, Mark Pi's Asian Diner, and Mark Pi's Express.

In most of our restaurants we still cook each dish individually, giving each item that we prepare that special attention and freshness that our guests have come to expect from Mark Pi’s. We are a company committed to the growth of our concepts within the Asian segment of the food service industry.

Mark Pis China Gate Restaurant Logo
 Sunrise Foods Logo

About Sunrise Foods, Inc..

Sunrise Foods is the central kitchen that develops the proprietary menu for Asian Concepts. For more than two decades, Sunrise Foods has been making it easy for restaurants and food-service operators to offer the highest-quality, most-popular Asian dishes with little expertise or effort.

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